C4L club 21.11.17

Today we made some pasta. The ingredients were pasta, passata, sweet corn and cheese. Everyone tried a piece of corn before we mixed it in.  Afterwards we had 9 empty plates.

Then some children chose to colour some pictures and some chose to play a game of snakes and ladders .

We also learnt that everyone in the group does physical activity most days. Kieron likes to ride his bike, Kelsie walks to school everyday, Olivia likes to dance and we all liked to play games at playtime.



Yr 4 multi sports.

Yr 4 enjoyed trying some new sports at Northampton Academy. We had great fun and the children didn’t notice the cold.


Year 6 sitting volleyball tournament.

Year six have started a volleyball tournament. The children are very excited.


Sitting volleyball

This week Year 5 were introduced to sitting volleyball. After a short practice we played two games. The scores will be added up and a play off between class 11 and 12 will be coming soon.



C4L club.

We have been very busy in our Change for Life Club.

Last week the children collected lots of leaves. We were able to find 6 different types of leaves on our field.

We enjoyed a game of snakes and ladders. When we landed on some of the squares we had to do some actions. Mr Kelly joined with jogging on the spot for 10 seconds.

Today we made paper aeroplanes and went outside to see how they fly. A few nose dived and one ended up on the roof.

We shared some pears and Satsumas. There were a lot of empty plates.

IMG_0824 IMG_0825 IMG_0848 IMG_0849

Girls tag rugby 10.11.17

The girls made amazing progress. They were able to see their mistakes and correct them for the next match. We had a great time and even managed to walk home.



New Age Kurling

Woodlands enjoyed playing New Age Kurling against 4 schools at Dustin Sports Centre. We had a great time and managed to win two games.


Yr3/4 Dance Festival

Today 10 children got the opportunity to go to a Dance Festival at Dexterity Dance school in Great Houghton.  They learnt a routine and were able to add some of their own free style. We then performed to 4 schools and were able to watch their routine as well. Everyone worked well together and helped each other to perfect moves. IMG_0803 IMG_0805 IMG_0806 IMG_0807 IMG_0808 IMG_0809 IMG_0811

Yr 5/6 Tag Rugby.

We went to Millway Primary to play in a Rugby league. Our team played exceptionally well and got themselves a silver medal. Thank you to the parents who came to support us.



New Age Kurling

4 Woodlands children enjoyed playing New Age Kurling at Northampton Academy.  A fantastic afternoon.