Northampton County Cricket Club 17.4.18

We had a visit from NCCC to inspire more children to participate in cricket. They talked about teamwork and enjoyment.

They will be coming to yr4 P.E. for six weeks to improve their cricket skills.

Everyone was given a free ticket to go to the country cricket ground to watch a match.

Yr3/4 cricket club is starting after school on Monday 23.4.18 and yr5/6 will start on Wednesday 25.4.18.




YR5 multisports 17.4.18


Yr 5 had a sunny afternoon at Northampton Academy. We tried lots of new sports. Handball was our favourite.


More yr5 kings park.

The children worked together to play a new game.


Storytelling before bedtime.


Rollerskating and Hockey .

IMG_1316 IMG_1317


King Park Dinner

Meatballs in tomato sauce or macaroni cheese. Dessert was Sticky Toffee Pudding or ice cream. Most plates were empty.


Kings Park Residential

River crossing. We worked together to get everyone across the river.


Kings Park Residential

The children were amazing on the giant trampolines. They learnt how to Straddle, Pike  and Tuck jump as well as a controlled belly flop.


Kings Park Residential.

Great teamwork in basketball.


Kings Park Residential

Rock climbing. All the children had two goes on the wall and were able to beat their personal best.


Kings Park Residential

The children are very excited to be in their hotel rooms.


Young Leaders Conference..

Our Young Leader had a great time at Kings Park Conference Centre. They delivered an activity to Lings Primary School Young Leaders.