KS2 Goalball competition 6.2.18

Four children had great fun in a Goalball competition at Duston Sports Centre.
They had to wear blindfolds and listen very carefully for the Goalball coming towards them. We also had to be very quiet when other teams were playing.


Tag Rugby 8.2.18


Yr 5/6 enjoyed a Tag Rugby Tournament by floodlight at the BBOB rugby ground. Headlands  played well as a team with everyone making a difference to the final score. We came 3rd and got very muddy.


Martial Arts taster. 17.1.18

Today Foundation and Key stage 1 were able to experience some Martial arts. They children had a wonderful time and learnt some moves.


Boccia finals 12.1.18

Our Boccia team did very well to achieve a bronze medal. We played at Duston sports centre.  Everyone was very excited.



Yr3 Badminton Festival

I was very proud of our children. They listened well, followed all instructions and their behaviour was perfect.  They got to experience some new skills using their hand to eye coordination and speed ability.



C4L club xmas special.

We were able to invite a friend to join us for the xmas special. Mrs Edwards also joined us. We made scrap paper snow balls and then went outside for a snowball fight.
Next we made some chain decorations.
To finish we made some healthy popcorn in a popcorn maker. The children listened for it popping and found it fascinating when it came out of the maker. Everyone took a second pot home.

IMG_0932 IMG_0933 IMG_0931

C4L club 5.11.17

This week we played a game outside with the speed response balls.  Everyone ran around to get warmed up.

Then we made some vegetable soup. Everyone took a turn at peeling and chopping the veg.  While it was cooking we carried on with our colouring.

When the soup was cooled down everyone had a try.


KS2 Boccia Competition 5.12.17


We took two teams to Duston Sports Centre to play Boccia. They all played very well and one team will go forward for the finals after Christmas.


Yr5/6 sitting volleyball finals.

Sitting Volleyball finals.

On Friday 24.11.17 we did the finals. Yr5/6 played at the same time. The children brought some friends to watch. George and Louis were out refs.

Year 5.


Year 6.




Yr 4 P.E.

Today yr 4 had the privilege of using our new archery equipment.  The children were very excited.